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Power Factor Correction
E & C Engineering Services Ltd undertake the supply, installation and maintenance of Power Factor Correction Systems to help improve the power factor of the load to an installed electrical system  to as near as 1 as possible. (1 being most efficient or 100%)

Why Power Factor Correction?

If you have motors, fluorescent lighting, transformers, compressors and welding sets installed within your premises then these will create an inductive load on your electrical supply. The inductive load is generally created when a magnetic field is required to operate the device. When the magnetic field is created the supply current becomes not in phase with the voltage and the more not in phase means the lower the power factor.
If you have a low power factor then you are wasting electricity and spending more money on your electricity bill than you need to.

How do you improve the power factor?

If you install capacitors to the electrical system this will help stabilise the phase balance, improve the efficiency and increase the power factor to as close to 1 as possible. This will help stop unnecessary wastage of electricity and potentially reduce your electricity bill.

Maintenance of Power Factor Correction Systems

Our maintenance programme for Power Factor Correction Systems generally consists of the following:

+  Clean interior, vents, filters, cables and components    +  Check security of connections

+  Check cable and component condition                             +  Check stage fuses

+  Record capacitor values                                                        +  Check switches, isolators & lamps

+  Check target power factor and C/k settings                     +  Check ventilation

+  Check operation of P.F.C. control relay                             +  Check reactor condition/tuning point

+  Perform functional test of all stages                                   +  Measure harmonic distortion

Once the above is completed a certificate is issued together with comments and recommendations for future use of the system.